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Ava Grayson

Hi and welcome to my art studio,


I am a self-taught creative artist that pushes the boundaries and challenges traditional artistic norms by using various mediums, materials and techniques to create a unique and innovative piece.  I like to capture the essence of the imagination in the rawest form and create pieces that side step conventions to engage the views emotions and evoke deep reactions.

After surviving abuse as a child I focused on 9-5 work and never had the time to explore my creative side.  I realised that this was not feeding my soul and made steps to rectify this.  I read an inspiring quote and decided to follow my passion.

'You are not the darkness you endured.  You are the light that refused to surrender. 

- (John Mark Green)

Being a creative artist is unpredictable and truly liberating, with no limits and letting in the pure energy of creating is exquisite.  It allows you to produce numerous, original pieces that will add to the ever expanding universe, giving you a sense of purpose and adventure.  I need to share my work by communicating it on an emotional and connecting at an elemental level by telling a story seen through the eyes to inspire people all over the world, lighting the way for others with sparks of love and energy.


My favourite time of year is Halloween I love creating scary scenes for people to have just as much fun with as I do creating them.  A way to create using recycled material and bringing the enjoyment to the community.

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