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Ava Grayson

Hi and welcome to my art studio,


I have always been creative and drawn or painted all my life. I believe and feel that to create art is magical and I hope each of my pieces people are able to feel that magic by stepping into another world through that piece.

After surviving a crime early in life I focused on work, usually more than one job at a time.  So I never had time for letting my creative side out.  I realised that this was not feeding my soul and I am now finally working on my art and developing my creative side.  I feel that my art is immature because of taking me a long time to get here, after working on it full time for over 2 years I am excited at how far I have come and am excited to see where my gift will take me.

My favourite time of year is Halloween I love creating scary scenes for people to have just as much fun with as I do creating them.

Being a person who likes a bit of this and a bit of that I don't like to put my art in a box and restrict myself.  I like to explore different mediums, different art, use recycled items, any subject and make what I feel.  Bring to life that feeling and make it real.  

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